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In a busy world we like to find information we need in snippets, don't we?

YouTube gives us the visual with information we are looking for while podcasts give us audio to take on the road & listen to anywhere.

Whatever you choose...or maybe even both, Cathy is thinking of you & how to help you get the most of her knowledge and support. 

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Tools For Wellness & Successful Aging  

We are all coming from different places. Different genetics. Varying predisposition for certain diseases. We have all have different journeys to get to where we are. Some people have taken wellness very seriously their whole lives. Some thought they were doing ok & just discovered some health issues. Some have taken their health for granted and lived in the moment. 

This is not the place for any shaming or finger pointing wherever you have been.

It is for people who want to try to do better from here on so they have more control over where they are going. 

This is where we find community, laughter, joy, help, answers, & face challenges. 

Peace Of Mind Can Be Found In Pre-Planning

Without a plan for the unexpected, we find ourselves in crisis mode when a storm hits. That creates a sense of helplessness & leaves you at the mercy of the care providers & system.

This does NOT work out in your favor. Over my career I saw many providers give misinformation that created greater stress n families & patients. Not because they didn't care, but because they had not worked in the various settings and were themselves misinformed.

I also saw people stuck in the healthcare system & unable how to get a loved one home or affordable care. People who could have been pro-active and prevented a fall in the beginning now looking at long term care needs or bills because they did not have a plan or understanding BEFORE they needed it. 

This is why passion. This is WHY I want to protect and help YOU & your loved ones from crisis modes.